Is the road-tripper in you craving for a long drive or a small weekend getaway to take your mind off the ongoing coronavirus outbreak? In these hard times, many bucket-list options may be on hold, but some off-beat destinations may have renewed appeal. On that note, there are many hidden gems in Dubai that you can visit during coronavirus without being exposed to the risk.

For the last decade, the United Arab Emirates and, in particular, the city of Dubai have been well-known as the center of luxury tourism. Dubai and its surroundings offer tourists many interesting attractions and beautiful sights. Some of them are very popular among both locals and tourists, while others remain unnoticed. Between all the architecture, expensive hotels, and sand, Dubai and its surroundings offer visitors a multitude of enchanting hidden treasures and adorable sites. Also, it is important to carry all essentials like hand sanitizer, wipes, face masks, gloves, thermometer, etc. and you are good to go.

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Read about some of the places of interest you may or may not have heard before. Also, visiting these places in a rental car is one of the safest options amid this coronavirus outbreak.

  • Bastakiya Area

    The Bastakiya region is an eccentric combination of traditional and modern. Situated along the Dubai Creek, the historic Al Bastakiya district is one of the oldest residential areas in Dubai. The main attraction here is the Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest existing building in the region. The unique architecture of the region is what makes Bastakiya so wonderful. The aura of the place takes you back to the past – a time that was more relaxed, casual, free from this pandemic, and reflecting the original cultural heritage of the country. Bastakiya area is certainly a nice place to wander around, and it is not a spot to be missed while traveling in Dubai.

  • Dubai Creek

    Dubai Creek is a wonderful place to be with friends and family. It is a 14 km long saltwater creek that divides the city into two major sections – Bur Dubai and Deira. You can catch a water taxi known as Abra to cross the Creek with majestic sites everywhere around you. The cruise, passing under several bridges, provides some fantastic views of the skyscrapers that line the Creek. This place is going to show you a whole different side of Dubai, which you have never imagined. However, it is advisable to visit here early in the morning or early evening because otherwise, it is humid. Also, by keeping the current situation in mind, visitors are advised not to stop at crowded overlooks.

  • Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

    Being a wetland reserve in Dubai, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is renowned for attracting a large number of migratory birds. If you happen to be natures’ true admirer, then being at the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary will not disappoint you in any way. Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the few urban protected areas in the world. Here one can get to see a variety of fish, crustaceans, small mammals, and birds. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, renting a car to visit the sanctuary is the safest option instead of taking public transport with potential virus transmitters.

  • Dubai Museum

    Dubai Museum, located in the Al Fahidi Fort, is the main and the oldest existing building in Dubai. The Dubai museum was opened in 1971 by the ruler of Dubai, to present the traditional way of life in the Emirate of Dubai. To know about the history and culture of the city, you must check out this place. Due to the frequent changes announced by the travel advisories, visitors are advised to check in advance about the opening hours, and if there are any restrictions on the number of visitors. Also, practice social distancing and wear masks whenever in public places.

  • Hatta Pools

    The Hatta Pools is another exciting place not known to many tourists visiting Dubai. It is situated 115 km east of the town of Hatta, with a majestic wadi that has dug its bed in the rocks of the mountain for thousands of years until it was trapped in a stunning narrow rocky gorge. The site of Hatta Rock Pools is very beautiful and is ideal for picnic stops. One can also experience some fascinating off-road adventures here. With your car hire from UAE Rental Cars, you can visit Hatta Pools and have some relaxing time with your family.

  • Old Dubai’s Spice and Gold Souk

    You can shop around for the famous Arabian spices, or take a walk around Gold Souk and see some interesting things like the largest and the heaviest gold ring in the world. Throughout the ride, you can experience the cultural history of the city and get to see the famous Women’s Museum in the town.

  • Dubai Flea Market

    Dubai Flea Market is a great place to buy clothing, furniture, ceramics, furniture, and antiques. The market consists of several non-commercial vendors selling exclusively handmade pieces. Strolling in this market could be a great opportunity to learn about the rich culture of the Emirate and to meet locals. You can also escape the crowded places, and drive through the less-traveled areas to explore some of the beautiful panoramic views and hidden treasures of the country.


Each of these slightly hidden destinations has a little something in them that makes it worth a visit. No one would want to miss the fun that these places have to offer. Apart from these above mentioned hidden treasures of Dubai, there is so much more to explore and a lot of things to do in and around the city. The city has everything a traveler might want, for example, a pristine environment, fantastic attractions, and not to forget good food. But, during these hard times, protecting yourselves against the virus is very important if you are thinking of returning to the road. You have to plan in advance and take all the safety precautions. Also, it is recommended to follow advisory links on the latest travel updates and follow social distancing norms.

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