Dubai is home to some of the world’s most magnificent museums. The Dubai Museum, Antiques Museum, Pearl Museum and Gold and Diamond Park Museum are the truly some of the most notable ones to be explored. Take a tour of these museums to catch a glimpse of the contemporary history of the city.

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum, situated in the Al Fahidi Fort, is the most renowned museum in the city. Constructed in 1787, it is the oldest structure to exist in Dubai. Housing an extensive range of artifacts as well as local antiquities, the museum beautifully presents the traditional lifestyle of the city.

Dubai Museum

There’s even a video room that shows videos depicting the city’s life prior to the advent of oil. You’ll also get to set foot on a dhow’s deck, and as you move ahead, you’ll find shops of craftwork.

Antiques Museum

The Antiques Museum appears to be more like a huge gift shop in a huge warehouse. Frequently visited by tourists, it is a bit of dusty and dark place which will make you feel as if you were in an ancient cavern.

Antique Museum

The overall experience of your visit to the museum would be really great. You can shop around and take back some souvenirs with you. From Arabic lamps to ancient furniture, just about any antique item you might want to purchase in Dubai is there, all under one roof.

Pearl Museum

The Pearl Museum in Dubai is yet another marvelous museum built with the sole intention to preserve the vibrant history of pearl merchants and divers of Arabia. The museum is located in the headquarters of the National Bank of Dubai.

Pearl Museum Dubai

Inside this building is displayed the amazing pearl collection of Sultan Al Owais, remembered as one of the city’s greatest pearl merchants of all time. The museum reminds visitors of the Emirates’ origins and reflects the lifestyle of its people before oil was discovered.

Gold and Diamond Park Museum

Located in the Quoz region on the Sheikh Zayed Road is the famous Gold and Diamond Park Museum. It exhibits Indian, Italian, and Arabian jewelry and also offers guided tours of the unit manufacturing the jewelry. An exclusive range of items like the black Tahiti pearls, the pinkish Australian pearls, and the purple gold can be found here.

Gold Diamond Park Museum

The museum’s second phase is simply marvelous comprising of 52 retail outlets. Entry to the museum is absolutely free of cost.

A visit to these interesting museums in the city will guarantee a great deal of excitement as well as inspiration. So if you’re looking forward to some fun and want to explore the rich Arabic culture and lifestyle, there’s no better place to be at than a museum in Dubai.

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