Cheap Rental Car from Dubai UAE to Muscat, Oman

Oman border crossing in a rental car from the UAE

Drive a car rental from the UAE to Oman to enjoy a memorable road trip on the windy desert highway near Musandam. The ideal cars for this sort of a road trip are economy, mid-size, luxury and SUV. Please, note that many suppliers accept the request for travelling from Dubai to Muscat but there will be formalities such as an extra charge for crossing the borders between the UAE and Oman.

Can you drive a rental car from UAE to Oman?

There will be a one-way car rental fee and a few other charges as this is an exclusive car rental from the UAE, allowed by only a few car rental companies. Mostly, the rental company will accept your request for a cross-border car rental from UAE to Oman if you buy delivery comprehensive insurance and obtain an NOC from the supplier.

Requirements for a cross-border car rental from UAE to Oman

1 Oman car rental insurance
2 No Objection Certificate
3 Passport
4 ID proofs
5 Visa

How long does it take to drive from Dubai to Oman?

Enjoy the unique drives from the UAE to Oman for the majestic views of the Hajar mountains and seas of Oman. Driving a car rental from the United Arab Emirates to Oman makes a memorable road trip experience. The highway from Dubai to Muscat is smooth, with views of the Arabian desert till the border of Oman.

From (UAE) To (Oman) Duration Distance Route
Dubai Muscat 4 hours 20 minutes 453.3 km Sharjah-Kalba Road/E102
Abu Dhabi Muscat 4 hours 51 minutes 503.5 km Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Road/E22
Dubai Salalah 11 hours 41 minutes 1,219.7 km Route 31

Dubai to Muscat

Muscat, an attractive destination especially for history enthusiasts, was formed by the merging of 3 towns of Oman. Muscat’s coast is ideal for enjoying the warm sun. The capital of Oman, Muscat, is becoming a hub for business travellers.

Both Dubai and Muscat have the same type of climate, hot, dry summers and pleasant winters and the same time zone. Although, these two cities have many similarities, Muscat is more traditional compared to the futuristic Dubai. Make sure to pay a visit to Muscat’s architectural gems such as Al Jalali Fort.

Make sure that you obtain the insurance beforehand. After reaching Muscat, you will have to change your currency to Omani rial or you can use any major credit or debit card for payments. Please, note that expats cannot enter Oman from the Hatta Border.

The four-lane 89 km-long Sharjah–Khor Fakkan Road was inaugurated by Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah, as a part of a 14-year long project. Whereas, E102 is the road for expats, with glimpses of the countryside of Oman. The highway offers views of the signature sand dunes of Arabia. The journey might seem long but there are many options for refreshments and refueling on the way, also, the roads are in great condition. We recommend you to hire a 4×4 car for this road trip.

After arriving in Muscat, you can also go to Sohar. Remember to obtain the exit stamp while leaving Oman.

Abu Dhabi to Muscat

A drive from the capital city of UAE to the capital city of Oman counts as one of the ideal weekend road trips from Abu Dhabi. This trip can be broken into parts so first, you can do Abu Dhabi to Al Ain, the journey will take approximately 2 hours. You can go sightseeing in Al Ain to points of interests like the celebrated and well-maintained Al Ain Zoo, the interesting Camel Market, Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s prior residence – Sheik Zayed Palace Museum and Oasis. Al Ain is an interesting destination with panoramic views of the mountains and has the highest Emirati population in the world.

The second part of this road trip is from the oasis city of Al Ain to Muscat or first, Al Ain to Sohar and then from Sohar to Muscat. Sohar is 2 hours before Muscat so many travellers take a break in Sohar. From Muscat, you can further drive to other locations of Oman such as Nizwan, Al Hamra village, etc. We recommend that you equip your rental car with eatables and refreshments so that you do not have to waste time looking for food on the way.

You can also choose an alternative greener and a less-travelled route via Nizwa as the border-crossing formalities are easier there. Navigating with the help of a GPS is recommended during this road trip. Carry some entertainment along especially if you are travelling with children.

Dubai to Salalah

Dubai to Salalah is a straight and elongated but smooth drive which must be undertaken with the help of a GPS navigation. Please, note that crossing the border will not be a very easy process in the high season due to the rush. Start early in the morning from Dubai to reach Salalah before night.

We recommend hiring an SUV for this trip and as the journey is long, carry some music and entertainment along. Hydration is very essential during such desert road trips so make sure that you have enough water and to take care of hunger pangs, be well-equipped with food. Carry Omani rials to pay for the fuel as credit cards are not widely accepted in this part of the world.

Spotting camels crossing the road is a common sight on this route and we highly recommend the renter to drive defensively as the drivers are too keen to overtake. Watch out for the stubborn winds on the way and never drive post sunset as the visibility will not be great. There will be many petrol pumps on the route. On the border of Ibri, you can find refreshments at supermarkets, restaurants and bakeries. Otherwise, finding good food between Ibri and Haima is not easy.

As you approach Salalah, the surroundings will gradually change from dry deserts to lush green landscapes. Salalah is a moderately sized city with all the basic facilities such as restaurants, souks and mall. During the Khareef season, the monsoon reaches Salalah, it is responsible for the richer vegetation in Salalah compared to other parts of the Arabian world. The city enjoys a cool weather at this time, it resembles Al Ain. You will note that the rains make the city foggy.

Opting for a one-way car rental

A one-way car rental is a type of car rental in which you pickup the rental car at one location and return it at a different one. Usually, one-way rentals come with a one-way fee.

Renting a car is one of the best ways to drive from one location to another even though one-way car rentals are more expensive than round trips. You can act smart and book well in advance to get one-way rentals at cheaper prices and make an estimate of how much fuel you will be spending, just so that you are mentally prepared.

Car rental in Dubai

  • Dubai International Airport Terminal 3, Al Quoz, Sheikh Zayed Road and Deira city center are the top car rental locations in Dubai. Similarly, you can also hire a car from Abu Dhabi Airport or Al Ain to travel to Oman.
  • Driving in Dubai is a one-of-a-kind experience as the roads of Dubai will not disappoint you.
  • Try to avoid traffic congestions by choosing the roads less travelled.

Is Oman in Dubai?

No, Oman is a neighbouring Gulf country next to the United Arab Emirates. Oman can be easily reached from Dubai as it’s just a few hours away by road.

Popular car rental locations in Oman

  • Muscat Airport
  • Sohar
  • Salalah

Tips for driving in Oman

  • In terms of driving, Oman is a convenient country, thanks to the short distances.
  • Driving in Oman comes with panoramic views.
  • Travelling in a car with proper air-conditioning is the best way to explore Oman.
  • Go through the rules for car rental and driving in Oman before you start your Middle Eastern adventure.
  • You must adhere to the rules related to drunken driving, speeding, etc.
  • For renting a car in Oman, you have to be at least 25 years old.

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