Dubai Traffic Fines

Common traffic fines charged by Dubai Police

If you are planning to drive a car in Dubai then it is recommended that you get familiar with the latest traffic laws followed in Dubai. In UAE, each of the Emirates have different traffic rules. With the steering in the left, Dubai drives on the right-hand side of the road while a tourist with an international driving permit can drive a car in Dubai.

Driving in Dubai should be full of caution as their are people from all over the world with varied driving styles on the roads of this happening city.

Black points in Dubai: Black points is a system introduced in Dubai to rectify dangerous driving. If you get more than 24 black points then you will be banned from driving any vehicle in Dubai for a year.

Here is a list of fines commonly charged in Dubai for bad driving.

list of fines commonly charged in Dubai

Driving recklessly- If your driving poses any danger to your life or the life, safety or security of any other person then you have to pay a fine of AED 2000. This applies to racing too. 12 black points will be added to your driving record and your vehicle will also be confiscated for a month.

Over-speeding- This is one of the most common fines in Dubai. To avoid this, drivers should follow speed limits mentioned along the roads which are 60 to 80kph in the city and 100 to 120kph on predominant highways. You cannot drive faster than 40kph in residential areas. If you exceed the maximum permitted speed by 60kph then there is a fine of AED 1000 along with 12 black points. Plus, vehicle confiscation for one month will be carried out.

Drunk-driving- Dubai police is very strict against drunk-driving so it is recommended not to invite trouble and using other ways of transport if you have had a drink or more. Failing the alcohol test can land you up in the lockup for a night and much much more. You will get 24 black points and your case will be decided by the court. Also, your vehicle will be confiscated for two months.

Violation Fine
Reckless driving AED 2000
Over-speeding AED 1000
Drunk-driving Decision by court

Other traffic fines in Dubai

traffic fines in Dubai

No number plate- Pay the fine of AED 1000 along with an addition of 24 black points. Not to forget, a vehicle without a number plate is confiscated for two months.

Causing death- If your vehicle kills a person then the decision is up to the court and you will receive 12 black points. Your vehicle will be confiscated for one month.

Hit and run- If you accidentally injure somebody but run away then it is considered as an offense which is decided upon by the court. The vehicle is confiscated for two full months along with an addition of 24 black points to the accused.

Red light jumping- Jumping a red light will land you up with a fine of AED 800 and 8 black points along with vehicle confiscation for 15 days.

Make sure if you rent a car then you follow all the traffic rules in Dubai.

Violation Fine
No number plate AED 1000
Causing death Decision by court
Hit & run Decision by court
Red light jumping AED 800

You can even pay the fine online.

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