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When it comes to luxury cars, Dubai is surely a perfect place to spot them. In fact, it’s among the world’s top cities with the highest density of luxury vehicles. Be it locals or tourists, premium cars are immensely popular in the richest emirate of UAE. Also known as the City of Gold, the Jewel of the Desert, as well as the Rich Man’s Playground, Dubai offers a perfect setup for experiencing luxury. So, if you are traveling to this stunning destination, splurging a bit won’t harm you.

Rent a luxury car in Dubai with us and ensure a smooth, comfortable, and exciting trip in the city. With our suppliers, you can be assured of luxury/premium cars at the lowest possible rates but also of several other advantages such as roadside assistance, VAT, and other taxes. It takes just a few clicks to hire a luxury car in Dubai through our website.

Why are Luxury Cars Popular in Dubai?

As discussed earlier, Dubai is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. And, high-end cars are a status symbol for residents and travelers. There are several reasons behind the popularity of exotic vehicles in the city. First, there is no personal income tax in Dubai, which means your salary is entirely yours. Second, there is a low crime rate owing to strict laws that further lower automobile theft in the city. Third, they offer affordable fuel and insurance, which makes it easier to own expensive cars. Fourth, many people buy pre-owned/used cars that are, of course, more affordable. Last but not the least, it’s easy to reserve a luxury rental car in Dubai. In fact, luxury is the most popular rental category in the city, especially among tourists.

Tips on Booking a Luxury Rental Car in Dubai

  • To book a cheap luxury car rental in Dubai, make a reservation with UAERentalCars as early as you can. It’s a good idea to book a few weeks before the pick-up date. The thumb rule: ‘The earlier you reserve, the more you save’.
  • For reserving the best luxury car rental in Dubai, you should compare all the deals offered by our rental partners. It’s highly recommended to apply various filters on the website to quickly find a great offer.
  • The minimum age requirement for renting a luxury car in Dubai is 21 years for most suppliers. Before booking a deal, make sure to check the ‘Rental Terms’ to know the age limit for reserving a luxury car hire with your preferred supplier.
  • When you hire a luxury car in Dubai, you can also go for paid add-ons such as additional drivers and child booster seats. Our rental partners make them available at nominal rates.
  • Book a premium car rental in Dubai with unlimited kilometers so that you can explore the best of Dubai without any limit on the distance covered.
  • Popular luxury car models offered on UAERentalCars include Ford Mustang, Lamborghini Urus, Audi R8, Porsche Taycan, Porsche 911 Turbo, and Rolls Royce Ghost.

Long-Term Car Rental

Dubai is undoubtedly a tourism hub. So, planning a long vacation in the city is a good idea. And to make your long holiday even more comfortable and enjoyable, we let you book a monthly luxury car rental in Dubai or for a longer period of 3 months, 6 months, or more. Call our 24/7 customer support to know the maximum duration you can hire a car with the preferred supplier, as some suppliers may also allow the renters to book yearly car rentals.

Companies Providing Luxury Rentals in Dubai

Several leading car rental companies in Dubai are associated with us. We negotiate with these rental brands to offer you luxury/premium cars at reasonable rates. So, you don’t need to break the bank to experience pure luxury. The topmost car hire companies providing high-end cars in Dubai include –

Popular Places to Visit in UAE

So, there’s a lot to explore in Dubai. But there are a few locations where you can spot luxury at its best. And, it’s a good idea to get around these places in your high-end rental vehicle. Some of these hot spots of Dubai include –

So, what’s stopping you? Rent a luxury car in Dubai and make the most of your trip to this world-renowned city. It’ll not only be an ultra-luxurious and stylish ride but also one of the best experiences in the city. For more information on Dubai luxury rental cars, you can contact our customer support team, any day anytime.

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