Rent a cheap car from Dubai, UAE to Muscat, Oman

Cheap Rental Car from Dubai UAE to Muscat, Oman

Quick Links Dubai to Muscat Abu Dhabi to Muscat Dubai to Salalah by car One way car rental Driving in Oman Oman border crossing in a rental car from the UAE Drive a car rental from the UAE to Oman to enjoy a memorable road trip on the windy desert highway near Musandam. The ideal […]

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Under 25 Years Car Rental in the UAE

What is the minimum age for renting a car in the UAE? Minimum car rental age in the UAE 21 years Minimum age for renting high-end cars 25 years Legal driving age in the UAE 18 years Young driver surcharge 21 to 25 years What is under 25 car rental? Many years back, rental companies […]

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Sharjah World Music Festival 2019

Sharjah World Music Festival

What are the dates of Sharjah World Music Festival? 1st to 9th of February are the dates for Sharjah World Music Festival 2019. Where can I buy tickets for Sharjah World Music Festival? Book your tickets beforehand at & or purchase tickets at the gates of the events. A regular ticket will cost […]

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